Cheerleading is an energetic and fun sport that constructs of different elements, like tumbling, dancing, acrobatics, and stunts. Cheerleading is suitable for both girls and boys.

The age groups of the cheerleading groups go as follows:


5-7 years JekkuMikrot

JekkuMikrot is a group aimed at 5-7 year olds, where they practice the basics of Cheerleading. In the exercises, you learn new with different tracks and games. The focus will be on basic motor skills and safe practice of acrobatics. The exercises consist of warm-up, skill training, tracks, games and mobility training. JekkuMikro also teaches short dance clips from cheerleading and small pyramids safely.


JekkuMinit 8-12yrs. beginners

8-12v. JekkuMinit

In the beginners class of JekkuMinit, you learn the basic skills of Cheerleading. The groups practice the basics of acrobatics, dance, small pyramids, and strength and movement in a variety of ways. We want to create a supportive environment where it is safe for the child to learn new things.


JekkuMinit 8-12yrs. advanced

8-12v. JekkuMinit

JekkuMini's advanced group trains 2 times a week. When joining the group, we hope that the child already knows the basics of acrobatics and has practiced cheerleading before. In the advanced group, you will learn acrobatics and, in addition, sport-specific movements such as stunts, lifting, pyramids, dance and hand movements. The exercises focus on safe and versatile sports training as well as having fun together.