Men's scaffolding

Men's scaffolding competes with 6 scaffolds: jumping, tires, leaning, horse, platform and sled. A lot of side training and side stands are used in the training, however, tats and a trampoline.

The gymnastics club Helsinki offers very high-quality competitive coaching in men's scaffolding. VSH's competitive gymnasts are successful in both youth and adult series.


There are groups for all ages from under school age to men’s series.


The boys' groups are coached by Semir Daruish and Jimi Päivänen. The men's groups are coached by Semir Daruish and Timo Holopainen.


According to the coaching team

You can apply through pre-race tests, from extension groups or directly by contacting us.

Men's Gymnastics Contact:

Jimi Päivänen