Welcome alone, in a group or with the family!

Open practice shift in Kivikko Jekkusali

Come and practice on your own in Kivikko Jekkusali. There is an instructor on site to guide if needed but the class is not guided. So you can decide for yourself what you train and how. The activity takes place at the trainee's own risk. The operation is not insured.


Children under the age of 12 can only participate with a parent!

Additional information:
  • Location: Kivikko Ski Hall, 3rd floor (Jekkulinna)

  • Address: Savikiekontie 4, 00940 Helsinki

  • Price:

    • 10 € / time,

    • family fee 15 € / time

    • for individual visitors 5 times "ticket" 40 € (ask more from the instructor)

  • Period of operation: 2.8.2021 - 13.12.2021


In the following days we are closed:

- possibly autumn break in week 42 (18-24 October)

- Independence Day 6.12.2021

Additional information about the corona period:

  • To ensure a safe training environment and safety intervals in our private space, we require everyone participating in the activity to register in advance. If there are no registrants at all, then no instructor will arrive. If necessary, we limit the number of participants.

  • When you register for the first time, include the following information in the message:

  • - First name

  • - Last name

  • - Birthday

  • - Phone number

  • - Home town

  • Registration is made IN ADVANCE either by e-mail to: or by text message to 044 - 98 151 22

  • You can register no earlier than 1 week at a time. Please sign up only when you are sure you can come and not take the opportunity away from someone else.


What can be found in our hall? The

Hall equipment:

  • Air Track

  • Gymnastics floor

  • 2 large trampolines

  • A pit

  • a couple of racks (metal and wooden)

  • men's parallel bars

  • Gymnastic rings

  • Rope

You can also visit Kivikko's Jekkulinna office here

The hall is suitable for training the following sports, for example:

  • gymnastics

  • Trampoline gymnastics *

  • Trickery

  • Parkour

  • Street Workout

  • Breakdance

  • Cheerleading

* Please note, however, that there is no possibility in the gym to require jumping height for competitive gymnastics.

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