Artistic gymnastics

Artistic gymnastics is an old sport, that dates back to ancient Rome. The sport is divided to two: Men's artistic gymnastics and women's artistic gymnastics.  Womens artistic gymnastics (WAG) competes in four different apparatus and men's articstic gymnatics (MAG) competes in six different apparatus. 

We offer artistic gymnastic groups in all our gyms, we call childrens artistic gymnastics as "Jekkukoulu"


The age groups of the artistic gymnastic groups go as follows:




Under school age


For children under 7 years old, we value learning basic skills like balance, jumping, coordination, running and flexibility. The lesson supports the child's physical and motor development through gymnastics. The class introduces the child to various equipment, like trampoline, balance beam and bars. In the groups, the basic positions of gymnastics become familiar, like hollows, arches, bends and bridges.


In pre-school groups, there is usually one coach per 5-7 children. If there are more children, there will be 1-2 assistant coaches in the group.

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School age 7-12


With elementary aged kids, we want to focus on motors skills, basic gymnastics skills and basic strength training.  In the exercises, new things are learned through games, tracks and skill training. At Jekkukoulu, the goal is to develop gymnastics skills as well as body control, balance, speed, coordination and teamwork skills.

The groups repeat the basic positions of gymnastics: hollows, arches, bends and bridges. In addition, you will learn cartwheels, handstands, somersault, backflips and much more!

Teenagers 12-18

Artistic gymnastics for youth

Our youth groups practice towards more difficult movements, but not forgetting the basics. Youth groups also practice strength training and focus on good technique to make training safe.

The main goals in the exercises are learning and enjoyment. It is important that experiences of success and the joy of movement are created in each lesson. The emphasis is on training that takes into account everyone’s individual learning and progress. Exercises focus on action, not the end result. The activities are diverse in terms of content and support the development of the teenager.

Our youth groups are divided to women's artistic gymnastics and men's artistic gymnastics. 


Artistic gymnastics for adults

It is never too late to start gymnastics!


Adult groups begin with the basics and progress toward more difficult movements. We also offer advanced groups for adults, with a focus on more difficult movements and sport-specific strength training.


Adult exercises consist of a common warm-up, time for different events and a strength and mobility section. Together with adults, we focus on good basic technique that guarantees safe training.