Trampoline gymnastics

Trampoline gymnastics training


The trampoline gymnastics groups practice with a racing trampoline, DMT with a double trampoline and do side exercises using a variety of scaffolding gyms.


Individual trampoline The racing trampoline is rectangular and measures about 3 x 5 meters. In the individual competition, the gymnast performs two sets on a trampoline, each with ten movements without intermediate jumps. In a synchronous competition, two gymnasts perform the same sets on adjacent trampolines as simultaneously as possible.


The trampoline gymnastics family also includes DMT, or double minitrampoline, which is used to make two movements after running, the latter of which is brought down to the mattress. "Demi" is like two little tramps combined.



Coaching group 1
Trampoline Gymnastics Training Group 1 is intended for gymnasts interested in competitive activities who are already well versed in the basics of trampoline gymnastics. We systematically move on to more difficult movements and sets.
Competition classes 2-4


Coaching group 2
Trampoline Gymnastics Coaching Group 2 is intended for selected gymnasts interested in competitive activities who are gradually in possession of the basics of trampoline gymnastics and want to gradually start a racing career.

The competition will only start when the gymnast is ready for it. You can also apply for a competition practice from hobby competitions, which are fun events. Otherwise, the competition will start from 1 category with two mandatory sets based on basic movements.
Competition classes 1-2


Both coaching groups also practice with DMT.

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