Trampoline gymnastics

Trampoline gymnastics is suitable for everyone as a hobby or competition sport. The best trampoline jumpers in the world can jump up to eight meters high. How high do you dare?

Trampoline gymnastics is an olympic sport in which the gymnast does different sets of tricks and flips. Trampoline gymnastics is suitable for everyone and it developes one's strength, balance and flexibility. 

We offer two types of groups: "JekkuTramppa" and "Trampoliinivoimistelu". Jekkutramppa is more easy-going and meant for gymnasts that seek fun and thrilling activities. Trampoliinivoimistelu need at least one year of training in trampoline and during practise there is more focus on technique and basics.



Learning and progressing at the hobby level does not require great flexibility or strength. Trampoline gymnastics develops balance and coordination and strengthens the muscles of the core in particular. Trampoline training begins with the basic jumps gradually progressing to more difficult movements. New movements are always based on previously learned, technically and safely controlled basic movements. Progression is thus gradual and takes place at the gymnasts own pace.

Trampoline gymnastics


As you progress to trampoline gymnastics groups, the child should already know the basics of trampoline. They are best learned in JekkuTramppa groups. Trampoline gymnastics groups are moving towards more demanding tricks through a variety of exercises and skill training. Group exercises also include basic gymnastic movements, gymnastic acrobatics, sport-specific strength training and stretching.

Trick Trampoline


The group is for young people who want to try trampoline gymnastics but are not interested in competing.

In training, you are free to develop exactly the skills you want and learn the tricks you have long dreamed of. The group exercises are meant to be fun and learn something new!

Adult Trampoline Gymnastics

Trampoline gymnastics

Trampoline gymnastics can also be started as an adult. Adult groups focus on good control of basic movements and start learning the basics of trampoline gymnastics. The sport develops balance, body control as well as fitness. The sport requires courage, but training is safe under the guidance of our skilled coaches.