Licenses and insurance

Pursuant to the general competition and disciplinary rules of the Finnish Gymnastics Association, every athlete participating in competitions and events under the Gymnastics Association must have a valid competition permit, ie license. On this page you will find, among other things, product descriptions for licenses and insurance, as well as instructions for obtaining licenses and insurance.

Licenses are purchased through the club's Hoika member service program. You can choose your own member club here . Read the Quick Start Guide before purchasing licenses.

License information is transferred from Hoika to the Race Service automatically. Automatic license updates are run three times a day (including weekends): 6:00, 11:00 and 16:00.

We recommend that you send e-mails and documents containing personal identification numbers by secure e-mail. You can send a secure e-mail to the Gymnastics Association here:

Licenses (FIG license information, passport copies, etc.)

The price of the license is affected by the level chosen (Stara, Hobby, Race B or Race A), but they are the same for all sports.

LevelLicense priceInsurance price

Stara € 10.50 € 3.50

Hobby20 € 10 €

Racing B45 € 42 € / 79 €

Racing A65 € 42 € / 79 €

In both trampoline gymnastics (TRA) and women’s scaffolding gymnastics (NTV), a COMPETITION A license is required for all race classes. In men's scaffolding (MTV), competitors in categories 1 and 2 can purchase a COMPETITION B license, other categories require a COMPETITION A license.

Every licensed athlete must have comprehensive insurance for competitive sports. Sports security insurance can be purchased with the license.

The gymnastics association's partner in insurance is Pohjola Insurance. Pohjola Insurance's Sports Security is reimbursed when the injury occurs as a result of a sudden event. For example, the Achilles tendon ruptures, the knee goes out of place.

Care allowance EUR 15,000, Deductible EUR 100 for each accident. Injury compensation 30,000 e. Death compensation 8,500 e.
Note. The insurance for racing licenses for children under 12 years of age is not deductible and is also valid for other sports.

Entry into force of the insurance
The insurance included in the race license (no. 06-21857) will take effect from the beginning of the season on September 1, 2020, if the fee has been paid during September 2020. If paid later, the insurance will take effect on the payment date at 24.00 or at the time of payment, if a proof of payment must be presented for the payment, which indicates the payment period. The insurance expires on 31.8.2021.

The product descriptions of the insurances and instructions on how to act in the event of old age can be found on the Finnish Gymnastics Association's website:

License change or revocation

A handling fee of € 20.00 will always be charged for a license change or cancellation, if the change is made by the association. Please note that you can upgrade your license through the licensing system itself (My Information> Licenses). When purchasing a new license, the system also credits the price difference of the previous license. Note: The Stara license cannot be upgraded and will not be refunded when you purchase the next license.